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A Tribute to Danny Young

Contributed by Geoff Cook

Sprint car racers of the Midwest are mourning the passing this past week of one of its own. Danny Young of Des Moines, Iowa was killed during a race at Knoxville, Iowa on Wednesday, July 19, 1995.

Reports say that while dicing with another car that there was some contact. At that point Danny's car proceeded to barrel roll. During this roll something got inside the cockpit and came in contact with Danny's helmet. He was pronounced dead on the lifeflight helicopter on the way to the hospital.

Danny will be sorely missed by his family, his friends, and those who had the privilege of seeing him drive, or to simply be his friend.

On a more personal note ... I met Danny a year ago at the then brand new I-80 Speedway in Greenwood, Nebraska. He ran 12 races at I-80 Speedway in 1994. He won 8 of those! I don't recall too many times in my life that I have seen a harder driver. He gave no quarter, he asked for none. But he was a clean racer, and wanted to race that way. He was simply wonderful to watch drive.

In 1994 he finished 11th at the Knoxville Nationals running his "privateer" equipment. Those of us who watched him felt it would only be a matter of time before he was picked up by a full-time World of Outlaws team. We have been cheated of this chance!

He was also a decent person. When our team (Dreifurst Racing) needed help he offered. If we were way off on setup he'd tell us what we needed to do. He would offer things here and there to help us out. His Dad did the same thing. We always appreciated there approach to racing.

Just as with Ayrton Senna this is our great loss. We won't have another chance to see Danny do that dance on the edge that we all love to watch so much. Even more than that we won't have the chance to simply hangout with him anymore.

Our condolences to his family, his friends, and anyone who had the privilege to know him. You will be missed my friend.

God speed...

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