Photography by Chuck Fry

This page is a quick and dirty guide to my online photo portfolio. Please email me or phone at (1) 408-230-2715 to order prints of any of these photos.

My work is copyrighted. I'm happy if you enjoy it or share it with friends and family, however if you are using it for your website or other commercial purposes, please ask permission first! Please see the full copyright notice for details.

Race photography

My business card

Here are galleries from recent races. I specialize in dirt track sprint car racing and love the non-winged cars, however I got my start in photography with road racing and Indy cars. My photos have been published at Hosehead's Sprint Car Photos & News and in MotoRacing magazine.

Landscape and travel photography

I love to travel throughout the United States. I'm fascinated by the scenery in the Western US in particular.

Ballroom dancing

My niece Kathleen Colby dances ballroom for fun, and has won prizes in competition. I love to capture the beauty and grace of ballroom dancers.

hmmm... I don't seem to have any galleries online at the moment...

Family and friends

Of course everyone expects me to have a camera handy when I get together with family or friends!


Chuck Fry