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Last link check 19 November 2004

If you have new links to suggest, complaints because I missed your favorite Ford site, or you find these links have gone stale, drop me a note.

Fox chassis information repository opened!

Dave Williams has made his immense collection of information on Ford's Fox chassis, which includes the '79-'93 Mustang, '83-88 Thunderbird, '85-'92 Lincoln Mark VII, and other popular Fords, available via the web.

Stroker archive available online

The archive of 302 stroker articles can be found here. Thanks to Ken McGee for assembling the collection.

For more on 289/302 based strokers using cast-off 351 Cleveland cranks, check out Dave Williams's stroker how-to article, just one of many resources for the enterprising gearhead at Dave's web site.

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